The Appeal of Administration of Gleb Levitsky Clinic

Dear friends!

One foreign neurologist said : «Simple complaints do not mean easy diagnosis». That means that we are eager to resolve difficult cases, that seem to be difficult, as well as difficult cases, which, for the first glance, seem simple.

The clinic covers wide specturm of neurological diseasee and the relative specialities. The uniquity of our services id in specific management of patients with rare diseases of nervous system, neuromuscular disorders and ALS. "Long-term delay in diagnosis of rare disease may reverse in tragedy that is why neurologists should have general perception of rare disorders@, - said Gleb Levitsky's mother Nina Levitskya, famous Soviet neurologist (1937-2015).

The clinic was found in 2013. Since then we helped many patients from Russia, Commonwealth of Independent states, foreign countries such as the USA, France, Turkey, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia.We consulted patients with professionalism. We consult difficult cases, we have therapeutist as well as neurologist, ECG,Holter, Ultrasound Doppler, EEG, EMG, unique tools for dysphagia and respiration, neuropsychology, genealogical test, wide spectrum of laboratory analyses. We perform genetic testing. We work with INVITRO. We may perform muscle, nerve and skin biopsy in our partner laboratory in Pediatry Institute. Gleb Levitsjy is one of the best specialists in needle EMG in Russia and worldwide. We have charity programs for ALS patoents, for instance Minocycline and Immunokine (antimacrophagal drugs) free of charge. Our patients have access to specific thersapy of ALS by Riluzol, Masitinib, Edaravone. We have out-patient department for infusions- ordinary and complex, such as Solumedrol, Cyclophosphamide, Rituximab, Immunoglobulione for patients with myastenis and multifocal neuropathy with conduction blocks. Simce 2018 our clinic is the base of Bipolar Affective Disorder Foundation and we perform medical and social consultations within Foundation and with out psychiatrists, external specialists. In 2012 Gleb Levitsky discovered and described ALS phobia. Single EMG and consultation is available, however since 2018 those aids will be limited bdue to low compliance of patients, equivocality of administrative problems with those patients and problems with their multidisciplinary management.

In 2018 we will receive pharmaceutical license.

We hope that multidisciplinary approach, less invasive tactics in the majority of cases, where relevant, and aggressive palliative care in cases when other doctors feels uncertain about prognosis, will allow us achieve mutual success in treatment of our patients.

In any case, we will always have two priorities such as quality of a patient’s life and economic feasibility of diagnostic and management workup.

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Direction of the clinic

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