image001.jpg Girudotherapy was known since ancient time and receives its significant role nowadays in many cases/ Since ancient times it was used to alleviate edema and pain in the site of contusion, to alleviate joint and muscle pain, to remove abusus. The bite of a leech causes a recovering effect in the whole organism In our Clinical we recommend girudotherapy as a treating and preventive facility. In complex with conservative management it gives steady positive effect. The procedure is performed by girudotherapeutists with many years of experience, they use sterile medical leeches, grown under special conditions. In many cases improvement encues already after the first application of giruditherapy.

Girudotherapy is applied practically in all areas of medicine:

  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Dermatology
  • In vascular disorders
  • In respiratory disorders
  • In gastrointestinal disorders
  • In rheumatology
  • In surgery
  • In endocrinology
  • In nervous system disorders
  • In sexual dysfunction
  • In musculoskeletal system disorders
  • In ENT disorders
  • In ophtalmology

Girudotherapy is applied in treatment of diseases of many in ternal organs (liver, gull-bladder, pancreas, stomach, bowel, heart, lungs, kidneys, genitals etc). Giruditherapy is contraindicated in hemophylia, pregnancy, severe anemia, hemorrhagic diatesis.

Treatment effect

image002.jpgMedical efficacy of girudotherapy is provided by a complex of factors. Firstly, the site of bite is determined as precise as in acupuncture. Secondly, girudotherapy allows to improve regional blood flow. During a bite biologically active substances are injected into a human organism, which normalize blood microcirculation and enhances immunity. leeche’s saliva contains about 150 enzymes which mediate gealing of many inflammatory and suppurative diseases.

Girudotherapy is known by its anti-inflammatory effect, immune stimulating and bactericidic effect. It decreases edemas. It is irreplaceable when added to medications, physiotherapy and surgical treatment. It acts through blood flow, lymphatic system and energetic medidians. The effect is not aggressive and encompasses the whole human organism, what is very important in treatment of different diseases.


image003.jpgOne application takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour. During this time one leech sucks 5 ml of blood. Seven to ten leeches are used for one application. Their bite is not deep – about 1.5-2 mm. After a leech is removed, for lymph and interstitial fluid with small blood admixture will release in small quantities for 12 h from the wound. That causes no discomfort and disappears on the next day. The most difficult in girudotherapy is to determine the site of bite, but it is the task of You treating doctor.

Girudotherapy is absolutely safe. Each leech is used only once, and there is no risk of contamination, hence.

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