Manual therapy

Manual therapy is known by its magic power since ancient times. In those time it was almost the only way to treat different diseases. Medical industry started to develop, new techniques and devices were invented. However actuality and efficacy of manual therapy preserved and it is regarded one of the most successful ways of treatment

Manual therapy is an influence on the spine, muscles and joints in order to treat their pathological changes. That is if to say briefly, but the total number of diseases in which manual therapy is used is really impressive.

“Real Health” Clinic successfully returns good general state of health and good mood each day. Patients come to out clinic with pain and leave it without it.

What diseases are treated by manual therapy?

Effective treatment is given in our center for many diseases. He may restore health when even traditional medicine and drugs cannot help. Manual therapy is applied in the following disease

  • Vertebral spondylosis
  • Vertebral herniation
  • Changes in muscles and joints
  • Internal organs diseases
  • Diseases of skull bones
  • Cranial neuropathies
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Heart pain

Manual therapy may be applied separately or may be applied in complex with drugs and physiotherapy,, other techniques. In many cases the result is achieved due to work of an expert, who activate special areas of a human organism.

Our Clinic performs not only treatment, but diagnostic procedures. Consultation of specialist is mandatory before any treatment procedure. There are specific cases when manual therapy is contraindicated, and our specialists will make precaution for You.

Manual therapy is prescribed individually depending on complexity and severity of the disease. The treatment schedule in average is 10-20 appointments long. The specialist will perform unique maneuvers which will help You recover. Manual therapy improve blood supply, muscle capacities, increase tone of tissues. After appointment You will leave “Real Health” without pain and unpleasant feelings, but will feel a charge of energy and fine mood as well. Manual therapy decreases tension, what is so desired in everyday routine.

Clinical and diagnostic center “Real Health” is a specialized medical institution where qualified specialists work. We warrant that performance of manual therapy will be individual, effective and determined namely to You/ You will feel freedom of movement and regression of pain since the first appointment.

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