image001.jpgPhysiotherapy is a treatment by natural and physical factors: heat, cold, ultrasound, electric current, magnetic field, LASER, ultraviolet, infrared and other irradiation types, balneology, water, massage, girudotherapy etc.

The undoubted advantage of physiotherapy is its efficacy and safety. It envisages no drugs, but may increase perception of a human organism to drugs due to its active effects. Physiothrapy allows to decrease risk of adverse effects and unpleasant consequences of the disease itself as well of its treatment. Physiotherapy make defense capacities of a human organism awake, accelerates intervals of healing in wounds and inflammatory processes, activate important biochemical processes in a human organism. Physioltherapy is effectively applied in different diseases and as a self-limited technique may be applied in treatment of early stages of the disease. Phesiotherpay has preventive capacities. It is frequently used an an additional treatment option.

Criotherapy is a unique treatment option using low temperatures and liquid nitrogen. Criotherapy produce general activation of the organism: it stimulated immune and endocrine systems, produce pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, spasmolytic effects/ It saturates bloo9d with biologically active substances such as endorphins, and improves superficial blood flow. The human organism regains its capacity to perform “revision” and eliminate alterations. Criotherapy as an additional treatment option is successfully used in treatment of neurosis, depression, arthritis, psoriasis, papillomas, exema, sexual dysfunction in females and males. During the short-term activation metabolism activates, and treatment of metabolic syndrome is possible. A patient may loose a kilogram of weight. Cosmetic and healing effect is achieved within 2-3 procedures – it is skin smoothening, pain relief in joints and muscles, normalization of sleep, improvement of mood etc.

LASER therapy. Biostimulating effect of LASER thrapy is based on an influence of a directed LASER ray on a biological tissue. Decouring light, enzymes activate biochemical processes, cells restore their vital functions, natural sanogenetic mechanisms are mobilized. ПCapillaries are dilated, microcirculation is improved, healing processes are accelerated. LASER therapy improves immunity, decreases blood viscosity, enhances lymphatic drainage, decreases cholesterol levels, producespain relief, possesses antimicrobial, antiviral and antiallergenic effects. It helps to decrease the term of treatment, prevent transition of acute process into a chronic, achieve positive effect by minimal dosages of drugs. Short-term applications of LASER therapy conducted in the remote period improve general state of health: stimulate metablolism, visceral and tissue nutrition, decrease aging processes, such climacteric period in females, and impotency in males.

image002.jpgMagnetic therapy is produced via magnetic field and improves general state of health. Each cell is a final receiver of electromagnetic signals via activation of compensatory processes. Magnetic therapy improves cerebral blood supply, saturation of myocardial fibers with oxygen, normalizes blood pressure, decrease blood glucose, increase immunity, normalize internal organ function. Magnetic field produces pain relief, improve sleep and appetite, increases working capacity. Magnetic physiotherapy influences of the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, on oxidation and reduction etc. Normalization of oxidation and reduction processes decreases biodegradability. The effect of magnetic therapy is vividly seen in acute and chronic respiratory system disorders, gastrointestinal system disorders, in gall-bladder diseases, and arterial hypertension etc.

Ultraviotet blood irradiation (photohemotherapy) is a physiotherapeutic technique which influences blood via an ultraviotet ray. The single-use catheter with ultraviolet source is inserted intravenously into a patient. Photohemotherapy activates antioxidant system of blood, increases hemoglobin content, increased affinity of hemoglobin to oxygen, possesses antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Due to this non-specific stimulation immunity improves markedly.

Photrohemotherapy improves tissue nutrition in patients with internal organ diseases. Photohemotherapy improves function of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes, activates metabolism, normalized acid-base balance, decreases blood viscosity, accelerates dissolving of thrombi. Applied in patients with suppurative wounds photohemotherapy decreases tissue edema and stimulates healing.

Red and infrared irradiation is a good technique for complex treatmkent of cardiovascular disorders and bronchopulmonary disorders as it decreases blood viscosity, improves microcirculation, activates oxidation and reduction processes.

Photohemotherapy showed efficacy in treatment of ischemic heart disease, stomach ulcer, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchial asthma, atherosclerosis, neurodermitis, dermatoitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers and burns. It is desirable to undergo photohemotherapy in case of intensive physical exertion (sports, hard physical labor).

Physiotherapy effectively complement pharmacotherapy, allow to avoid undesirable side effects and to achieve steady improvement. The pivotal link in a successful treatment and diagnosis is Your treating doctor. All procedures should be performed only after a consultation with an expert for maximal efficacy and safety.

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